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Permanent Recruitment

Need a supplier that places quality at the heart of recruitment?
Working with integrity and honesty, we deliver exceptional levels of service. We are leaders in candidate attraction techniques giving us the ability to not only immediately identify new ‘active’ candidates entering the market but also source ‘unique’ passive candidates who may not be actively looking but are open to new opportunities.We can also offer technical screening, subject tests and assessments.


Contract Recruitment

Looking for Engineering resource quickly to fill short, medium and long term projects?
Our team delivers contract resource in a transparent and competitive way. Delivering individuals with niche skills for short term contracts or larger volumes of resource, including complete teams for longer periods, we have the infrastructure to provide exceptional service by tapping into existing talent pools of vetted and screened professionals.


Assist - Bringing your recruitment ‘in house’

Do you want to run a recruitment campaign online rather than using an agency?
Assist is an incredibly powerful online recruitment service which allows you to target a wide audience of active job seekers at one time. This is ideally suited to HR and Hiring Managers who know what it takes to hire good people and have the time to follow this process through. We use a selection of the UK’s leading job boards, traditional and social media platforms. We copy-write, deploy and manage a 28-day campaign that gives you direct access to job seekers via our Applicant Tracking System. 


Recruitment Outsourcing

Prefer a single recruitment provider to deliver an assignment but need to reduce costs and improve quality?
Using recruitment best practice, all the latest tools and tech combined with a structured project plan, our Client Services Managers take care of everything, leaving you to make the final hiring decision. 
Benefits to this service: Better quality, short time to hire, and in most cases delivered at a lower cost than your existing preferred suppliers - what’s not to like!


Recruitment Consulting (Recruitment Fitness)

Do you need to increase your profile as an employer in order to attract the correct talent in a highly competitive market? 
It’s well documented that there is an acute skill shortage, particularly within engineering and that this is likely to worsen as the economy continues to grow. In such a competitive market where businesses are targeting the same disciplines, employers need to identify and then communicate the reasons why prospective employees should join them above their competition.
Recruitment Fitness is a unique tool which we have created to help businesses identify the essential recruitment pillars which will enable you to attract and retain the best talent.


We also offer support for our clients EVP through digital and video platforms.






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