Why choose EMBS Engineering?


As a multi-functional Talent Solutions Provider, EMBS Engineering is well equipped in supporting Precision Engineering businesses grow and develop, by providing a range of services. In short, we help Engineering & Manufacturing companies with their Talent Attraction and Retention capabilities.
Each member of EMBS Engineering Ltd focuses on a specific geographical patch and has an ‘Inch Wide, Mile Deep’ specialism allowing us to be the eyes and ears within the market - giving you the confidence that you have a Talent Specialist who technically understands your requirements and can react quickly and efficiently.

Our mission is to become one of the leading Talent Solutions Providers, tailoring our services to be solely focused on providing the highest standard of talent acquisition services to Engineering & Manufacturing businesses within the UK.

We operate nationally, with offices based in Derby and London, covering the needs of candidates and clients alike by offering first-class industry knowledge and recruitment expertise. From RPO’s, Retained Projects, EVP / Brand Development or typical Ad-hoc Recruitment, we’ve got you covered.

Our clients range from small SME’s to large blue-chip businesses that specialise in various precision engineering industry markets including Aerospace, Motorsport / Automotive, Nuclear, Defence, Oil & Gas & FMCG.

With a fresh and honest approach, combined with our longstanding relationships with various organisations, we offer candidates professional development, career-enhancing opportunities and exciting new prospects.



Due to our sister companies within EMBS Group Ltd specialising in supporting IT businesses, we understand the importance of engaging with our customers and candidates through new, modern techniques which allow us to react quicker, promote opportunities wider, smarter and ultimately, support you in a more efficient and effective manner.

Today we find that markets are changing, skill sets are becoming more niche and as a result of this, we as businesses must adapt and evolve. EMBS Engineering Ltd operates at the forefront of modern delivery, combining years of experience with the latest tools and technology.

Many of our services offer you the means to engage with your targeted audience through current, professional methodologies which keeps you ahead of your competition and allows you to source those “hard to find” skill sets.

We believe in the importance of candidate engagement and look to demonstrate the core values: Awareness, Consideration, Interest, Evaluation and Close.



EMBS Engineering Ltd has access to state of the art technology, which allows us to approach both active and passive candidates in new and innovative ways and equips our clients with modern talent attraction capabilities, meaning they are perfectly positioned to become the ‘employer of choice’ when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

We equip candidates with access to our CRM database. This allows them to tailor their employment preferences and add additional data, enabling us to find a suitable match more quickly. It also ensures they are only contacted and approached about the roles and opportunities they wish to be considered for.



We believe in empowering businesses who are looking to either implement change, grow or simply replace talent. Working in partnership with them, we offer a tailored service which fulfils all of their requirements by technically interpreting their needs and offering up-to-date market intelligence.

All staff complete technical competency testsso we are perfectly positioned to discuss roles and opportunities with confidence; accurately assess vacancies candidates are looking to fill; identify the correct calibre of candidate our clients require.



Our goal is simple - To provide a reliable, trustworthy and professional service to both our candidates and clients by offering bespoke, tailored services from technical specialists who truly understand your requirements and goals.





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